May 9, 2017


Dear TMRS Members,


For TMRS, it is a new beginning with the continuity of previous legacy. We will maintain our strengths while making necessary changes for the benefits of our members. We now have a new board that is committed to contribute to the development of market research industry. We come together from all brands with one common goal.


This year we will be focusing on our core mission which is to be a thought leader that brings new insights and learnings to our members and the public. We aim to create awareness among young people on the important of our industry and how we help businesses grow. We are also looking into expanding our networks and build new partnerships beyond the research industry. We would like to engage more with clients while staying relevant to the changing needs in the market.

To celebrate the 18th anniversary of TMRS in Thailand and to refresh and modernise our brand, we have launched a new logo.  Our logo represents the vision and mission of TMRS and underpins our core essence of research, who we are and what we do.  The burst of the bubbles signify TMRS’s role in creating greater impacts by sparking thought leadership, fuelling new innovation in insights exploration and sharing of knowledge to our members and the public.  All of the bubbles come to the centre with the emphasis on the R to represent the Research Industry. The colours denote Thailand’s flag as we are proud citizens of the Kingdom of Thailand.

 Best Regards, 

Dr. Arpapat Boonrod

President, TMRS