Address 219/13-15 5th Floor, Asoke Towers, Soi Asoke, Sukhumvit 21 Road, North Khlongtoey, Wattana, Bangkok 10110 Founded 2006
Telephone 02.664.1675-7 Employees 25 full time 200 part time networks nationwide
Fax 02.664.1158
Key People Suttipan Sutas Na Ayuthaya Voravimol Tuvachit
Company Profile
...a Vantage point allows you to see things more clearly, looking farther into the distance... When you are at a Vantage, better understanding is not just a promise; it's a definite outcome... At Vantage was established in 2006. Throughout these past few years, we have been accomplishing a range of challenging tasks in various industries nationwide as well as in the South East Asian regions and China. At Vantage believes it is our duty to provide information and recommendations beyond common market knowledge. We think of client as the one who drives the organization to their desired destinations, and we act as navigator who suggests the best direction to get there, as we often say ... “You do the driving...and we navigate...”
Research Services
We provide both qualitative and quantitative research as we believe no single method can solve every particular research question. With this vision, we commonly generate market solutions in these areas below via our specific empirical research approaches:
  • Strategic Business Development
  • Product Positioning/Repositioning
  • Corporate Brand/Image Assessment
  • New Product Development
  • Marketing Programs Assessment
  • Customer Satisfaction Index (CSI)
  • Advertising Testing
  • Awareness/Trial/Availability/Repeat Purchase Tracking
  • Attribute/Feature Testing & Optimization
  • Concept/Product Appeal Testing
  • Line Extension Fit
  • Market Profiling
  • Market Segmentation
  • Need/Gap Analysis
And more.....
Key Expertise
Our key expertise is to extract decisions made consciously and subconsciously by 'humans'. At Vantage has been shaped by a group of talented and competent people who specialize in conducting advanced market research to draw consumer insights via complicated analysis methods. For us, it is a must to bestow the expected deliverables that are objectively oriented, yet comprehensively interpreted, easy to digest and scientifically provable.
  • Fully equipped focus group room and observing facilities
  • In-house fieldwork training room
  • Nationwide fieldwork survey and recruitment network
  • In-house telephone and CATI units