Address 423/3 Mahapruettharam Rd., Mahapruettharam, Bangrak, Bangkok 10500. Founded 2008
Telephone +66(0)2 236 2627, +66(0)81 616 4454 Employees 20 full time staff 150 field interviewers
Fax +66(0)2 238 1563    
Key People Dr. Varavuth Chintaradeja, Managing Director ( Mr. Parirak Kitrungroj, Marketing and Business Research Director ( TMRS Representative  
Company Profile
Established by BrandAge Ex-executive (Mr. Teerapong Rakthananon) and an experienced researcher/economist (Dr. Varavuth Chintaradeja).
  • Mr. Teerapong was a founder of BrandAge magazine and played a major role in creating and building BrandAge magazine to one of the top marketing magazines in Thailand. He also invented “Thailand’s Most Admired Brand & Why we buy?”: A brand ranking research which captures Thailand’s consumer behavior in terms of change in preference and trend.
  • Dr. Varavuth has been working in field of research for almost 15 years with the experienced in marketing, academic and non-academic research. Having a strong background in academic, he applies theories and make them easy to understand and implement for organizations.
Research Services
At Brand Matrix, we provide the information that let you think different and be different. Thinking different can make your business/organization grows faster and better, while being different can make your business/organization gains character and identity, so customers can define and choose your company as their first choice. We invent the cube that covers every information that you need.
  • Blue cube : Consumer insight
  • Green cube : HR perspective
  • Orange cube : Communication spot
  • Red cube : Distribution aspect
  • White cube : Product innovation
  • Yellow cube : Brand matrix
Key Expertise
We are providing the superior information in order to help you make the most out of your business. We also help you to implement such information by using “Above the line” and “Below the line” marketing tools.
Full service marketing research with different approaches to solve the issues or problems for each business or organization, then each research design will be customized to fit perfectly to your company.