Address 540 Mercury Tower 12th Floor, Ploenchit Road, Lumpini, Pathumwan, Bangkok 10330 Thailand Founded 1989
Telephone 66-2658-6188 Employees Full time:  49 employees Part time:  700 employees
Fax 66-2658-6188    
Key People Dr. Rawewan Prakobpol Mr. Thanin Teerananon TMRS Representative Mr. Thanin Teerananon
Company Profile
Acorn (Thailand) is part of the Acorn Group, which is the largest independent Asian marketing research company, located in 11 countries in Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Indonesia, Taiwan, China, Korea, Hong Kong, Japan and Philippines.  Our worldwide alliances are through European Society for Opinion and Marketing Research (ESOMAR) associations, where our associates are  located in 34 countries globally.  Altogether, our experience in the region covers 30 years, with Acorn Thailand moving toward the 28th year.  Our philosophy has been held strong that we  provide our clients with the most useful consumer insights, turning information into knowledge and wisdom, so to create the most effective marketing strategies.
Research Services
Acorn (Thailand) is keen in customized market research, providing both secondary and primary market research services. All in-house Market Research Services, from recruitment, fieldwork, data analysis, and marketing strategy developments. Our qualitative research services include ethnographic studies, in-depths, home-visits, observation, focus groups and brainstorming workshops.  Our quantitative research services include mail survey, telephone survey and/or CATI face to face and/or CAPI,and/or TAPI and on-line web survey.  We use various sampling methods, relevant to the research at hand and according to product life cycle.  We are equipped with advanced statistical analyses such as Adaptive Conjoint Analysis, Brand Work™,   AssetTrak ™, PricEX ™, CLoSE ™ and Forward Positioning ™.
Key Expertise
As a customized research house, we realize the importance of developing the best possible research design to serve your business objectives.  Our experience has been extensive and across a wide variety of product categories, in Business Units – Consumer products, Finance, Telecom, Automobile, Entertainment, Agricultural, Pharmaceutical, Petrochemical, and much more.  Our expertise is in Segmentation and Brand Building Strategy.
Acorn (Thailand) is equipped with 3 focus group rooms, CATI facility, CAPI facility, and product taste test facility.  Other facilities  regularly used by Acorn (Thailand) will be arranged appropriately e.g., car clinic, shelf test, gang survey.