[heading]Thailand Market Research Society claims Bangkok Residents feel Financial Restraints Crime and Social Disunity Increase and prepared to tighten belts and cut unnecessary expenses[/heading] Thailand Market Research Society has concluded its “Thai View” survey for Q1 2007, which found Bangkok residents having low confidence in the economy, thereby creating concerns about earning enough income to meet expenses. Other areas of concern included health, unemployment, and crime. The Thai View survey concludes that, even though Bangkok residents have slightly increased their confidence in the economy in the last 12 months, they still regard the present period as not the ideal time to spend. One group of people feel that they should wait, while the other group is undecided about how to deal with the economic uncertainty. About 73% of Bangkok residents save by cutting unnecessary expenses, while 69% save by depositing more money in commercial banks, and 63% compare prices before purchase. In terms of forecasted changes within the next 1-2 years, positive family relationships are likely to increase, but Bangkok residents thought that drugs problems, crimes, and violence in the three southernmost provinces are likely to worsen. The result of survey also finds that overall of Bangkok residents are content with their current lifestyles. Their desires are good health (90%), financial stability (83%), post-retirement happiness (78%), and success in career (72%). They also pay attention to taking care of their health, of which 80% say that enough sleep is the best form of rest, while keeping a positive frame of mind, drinking eight glasses of water a day, and avoiding alcoholic drinks follow behind. Ms. Viriya Vorakittkun, President of Thailand Market Research Society, concludes that “the survey of Bangkok residents in this quarter has indicated increasing health and financial concerns and potentially decreasing concerns about the stagnant economy and unemployment.” The survey also finds that after work or school, 82% of the sample group goes straight home, 40% exercises or plays sports, and 1 in 3 goes shopping (most of which are teenagers and first jobbers). Favorite socializing and relaxing spots include shopping malls, beaches, and movie theatres. Favorite entertainment place are restaurants and karaoke bars. Teenagers like to socialize at friends' houses. In commemorating His Majesty the King's 80th birthday, 86% of Bangkok residents feel that Thai people should abide by his self-sufficiency economy principle; perform community services (64%); reduce or quit drugs, drinking, gambling, and promiscuity (64%); and help resolve violence in the three southernmost provinces (60%). About 84% intend to follow through with these beliefs. In addition, 78% agree that wearing yellow shirts counts as one of the ways to show loyalty to the King. Ms. Viriya Vorakittikun also adds that “it is heartwarming that 84% of Bangkok residents have the intention to do good deeds for the King in this special year and the rest will try to do and over 60% unites in wearing yellow shirts.” About “Thai View” “Thai View” is a quarterly survey of 500 Bangkok residents, conducted by the Thailand Market Research Society. Its objective is to track changes and trends in the perception and satisfaction of Bangkok residents toward living standards, financial conditions, and Thailand 's social and economic situations. Thai View of Q1 2007 was conducted through an online survey to provide convenience for the sample group. It was conducted between 28 February and 1 March 2007. All respondents were 18 years or older with minimum household income of 10,000 baht per month.
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